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Alpine Cloth Napkin Holder Pattern

Alpine Cloth Napkin Holder Pattern

We started using cloth napkins to cut down on waste. We love them! They are soft and work so well. When we’ve gotten them all dirty, just wash and use again! Buy once and done! But I had a problem: no napkin holders in the 

Ric Rac Cup Cozy Crochet Pattern

Ric Rac Cup Cozy Crochet Pattern

The Ric Rac Cup Cozy crochet pattern is finally released!  I really like these cup cozies, as they are so functional and with these patterns, you can create something that is customized to your, your friends, and families. I have many of these cup cozies 

Olivia’s Garden Square

Olivia’s Garden Square

I wanted to try my hand at designing a unique square pattern and the Olivia’s Garden square was the result!  It is featured in the Bouquet of Flowers CAL going on at Sunflower Cottage Crochet, where many designers are participating, each with their own square pattern.  Once all the squares are done, you will join the squares and do a border.

Inspiration for Olivia’s Garden Square

Olivia is one of my sisters-in-law and not only is she beautiful outside, but inside.  She’s delicate like a flower and super sweet, too.  I envisioned Olivia walking through a beautiful flower garden, with lots of greenery and frangrant roses.

Over this past summer (2021), Olivia was married at our local Rose Garden in Topeka and it was very beautiful.  When designing this square, I really kept thinking about her wedding and how beautiful and special it was.

Materials Needed

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You will need a few colors of yarn here, in order to get the full effect.  I used a dark and light green, pink, and a cream.  All in the #3 DK/Light weight yarn.  I used Stylecraft Special DK that I had on hand–none of the amounts of yarn needed were large and this could really be done with scrap amounts of DK yarn that you might have in your stash.

  1. #3 DK/Light weight yarn in many different colors–your choice.  I used StyleCraft Special DK.
  2. 4mm hook
  3. Tapestry Needle
  4. Scissors
  5. Stitch Markers (you might need these to keep track of stitches in the leaf rounds)

Buoquet of Flowers CAL

Helen at Sunflower Cottage Crochet is hosting this lovely CAL (crochet along), where you can get several different square designs from many different designers!  This is a super fun and creative CAL that was a huge success last year (2021) in the Friendship Blanket CAL, read on to find out how this works.

Here’s how it works:

  • Helen will release one new square pattern every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from February 28th until Mid-April.
  • Most squares will be available for free on their release day and if it is not normally a free square, you will get a coupon code to get it free on its featured day.
  • Head to Helen’s blog post here each day to see the latest square release.
  • Instructions will be provided once all the squares are released.
  • A border will be added once all the squares are joined.
  • Helen will feature a button to click to download your PDF file, which will look like the following:
  • If you cannot wait for the squares to be released one at a time, you can always purchase the bundle using my affiliate link by clicking the button here:

Take Me To The Buoquet of Flowers CAL Blog Post!

Here you go!  Click the button below to go to the main blog post.  This will take you to the latest square and for more information about the CAL in general!


Hand-Dyed Yarn by Yours Truly

If you’re looking for some special yarn to make this with, I now have hand-dyed yarns available!  Many shades and various weights of yarn, each one hand-dyed and unique.  Check out my Etsy shop or go to my blog post about my first few batches released!

Spring Boho Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

Spring Boho Wall Hanging Crochet Pattern

I just love how the macrame kick has created such a desire for wall hangings and the Spring Boho Wall Hanging is the crochet version of one!  I wanted something that incorporated the granny stitch (the 3dc’s we use together when making granny squares) yet 

Lots of Love Crochet Cup Cozy

Lots of Love Crochet Cup Cozy

I love a good beverage cozy and the Lots of Love Crochet Cup Cozy is the perfect one for Valentine’s Day! Super quick and easy to make, you can crank these out for all those coffee lovers for Valentine’s Day. I wanted to have something 

New Crochet Adventure

New Crochet Adventure

My new crochet adventure begins here at Wheat State Wool Co., where I will be hand-dyeing yarns, creating crochet patterns, and provide crochet tutorials.

You might remember me from Sunflower Cottage Crochet–I’m Sara.

Why The Change?

I started Sunflower back in 2018 with a single pattern–The Paige Hat–that Helen tested for me. She and I were both testers for another designer and became good friends.

Helen tested a few more patterns for me and it was at that point that I realized–I need this woman to be my business partner! I asked Helen to join me and she said yes!

That was late 2018. In 2019, about half way through, my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer. This crushed my world and I became very depressed. Helen took on most of the responsibilities solo and ran with it.

Because of Helen, I was able to maintain some sort of connection to Sunflower but also grieve for my father. He passed away November 2019.

More Bad News

2020 rolled around and in November of that year, I was also diagnosed with cancer. My dad had passed on to me a genetic mutation called Lynch Syndrome. I went through chemotherapy and a major surgery (it was actually 4 major surgeries in one). An Ileostomy later and my cancer is gone, but so are a few other things…

At this point, Helen has been solo running Sunflower all this time. She put a ton of money, time, and tears into Sunflower and after some discussion, we decided that she should take it over, as hers.

My Direction

I decided to start Wheat State Wool Co. right away. I have been wanting to dye yarn and sell it on a shop as well as continue to create crochet patterns and provide crochet tutorials for all people that wish to learn new things or get started with crochet.

In addition, my husband (Nick) is going to create hooks, hook handles, yarn bowls, and needles (yes, knitting!), and a few other notions for the shop.

I really wanted to have a place where people could come and get all kinds of yarn related awesomeness.

Helen and I remain great friends, sending yarn back and forth between United States and United Kingdom. We bounce ideas off of each other and laugh at each other, still. We parted on great terms, which I am very grateful for!

My Hopes

I truly hope that you enjoy the blog, the yarns, the patterns, the tutorials, and notions, as well as the community I hope to build. While I have just started this new crochet adventure, please keep in mind that I will be semi-slowly adding content, products, and joining in with other designers for collaborations.

We all have to start somewhere, and at Wheat State Wool Co., this is my new start. Will you join me?